Best Shark Vacuums 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide

best shark vacuumsIf you have made your mind to go with shark vacuums, then it’s the right choice. Well, the brand is among the most popular ones and the most common to almost every home.

But if we dig deeper then there are different kind of shark vacuums making it confusing task for you to pick the best shark vacuum. Shark vacuum selection depends on your need either you want the vacuum for hardwood floor, pet hairs, for car, for carpet, handheld, upright or cordless.

Shark offers all these different types of vacuums ranging from expensive to inexpensive putting you again in a confusion that which vacuum will suit your needs and budget. Keeping this thing in mind we have curated this list of top shark vacuums to help you pick the right vacuum machine for your home.

We have spent hours to craft this list to help you pick your favorite vacuum in your budget price. Follow along with the shark vacuum reviews given below to dig deeper into each vacuum listing and find out the one that suits you.

Shark Vacuum Models

Before purchasing shark vacuum, you need to see the difference between the types in order to pick the best model according to your requirements.

Navigator: Shark Navigator vacuums are lightweight and make use of cyclonic technology to maintain the suction power. They are usually corded and comes with large capacity dust cup and useful for cleaning pet hairs, hard floors by offering a number of attachments.

Rocket: Shark Rocket Vacuums are also lightweight and they use advanced cyclonic technology to generate strong suction. They are stick as well as handheld making the easy car or furniture cleaning.

Rotator: Shark Rotator Vacuums are different from rocket and navigator, they have the motor located near the handle and are lightweight as well. Best to clean hard-to-reach areas.


Best Shark Vacuums 2018

See this comparison chart of top shark vacuums to pick the best one.

Shark Vacuum Reviews

Follow along with these shark vacuum reviews for best cleaning experience.



Shark Vacuum Buying Guide

Before buying shark vacuum you need to be aware of the features each vacuum poses. Following are few features that you need to consider while buying best shark vacuum.

Bag or bagless: Bagged shark vacuums is good in one scenario that when the bag is filled with dust and debris you can replace the bag with a new one without cleaning the bag. Similarly, the bagless option saves a good amount of money by eliminating replacement bags and makes the progress visible while cleaning. But emptying the dustbin can be a headache as it can release allergens into the air making it difficult for you to breathe.

Weight: Weight of the vacuum matters a lot, because when you are comfortable with holding it then it’s good for you. Few of the vacuums are lightweight and few heavy-duty vacuums carry considerable weight. If you have to clean stairs, pet hairs or car then a handheld and lightweight vacuums are perfect. If you have to clean carpets, floors then the heavy-duty vacuum will be perfect to do the job effectively but don’t worry they are easy to move due to using latest ball technology especially built for moving vacuums.

Attachments: Attachments are extra vacuum tools and brushes which are used depending on your need. To clean pet hairs, floors or normal dusting each vacuum offers the number of attachments which are sold separately and you can buy according to your need.

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