Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair 2019 Reviews

Pet owners are always worried about the pet hairs mess. Agree?

Cleaning up pet hairs off the carpet and upholstery is the biggest problem for dog parents.Doesn’t matter you are the proud cat or dog owner, picking up pet hairs is not easy until and unless you have the best robot vacuums for pet hair.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

See this comparison chart of all great robotic vacuums to make an informed decision.

neato botvac d80
Neato Botvac D80
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Roomba 880
Roomba 880
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Roomba 980
Roomba 980
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roomba 690
Roomba 690
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Neato XV Signature
Neato XV Signature
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Bobsweep Pet Hair
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Xiaomi Robot vacuum
Xiaomi Robot vacuum
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Samsung VR9000
Samsung VR9000
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Featured Reviews

Follow these robot vacuum reviews to pick the .

 1.  Neato BotVac D80 – Best For Dog Owners

neato botvac d80

Neato is the most popular brand for manufacturing robot vacuums and their BotVac series has upped the game by making several major improvements which consumers found lacking.

The biggest concern has always been the omission but in this series especially BotVac 80D they have added one. Adding a wider motorized brush can give improved edge cleaning making it a much more efficient cleaning machine which can pick up a lot of pet hairs specifically on bare floors.

This vacuum has a classic D shape that allows it to visit each and every nook and corner of your room and vacuum up dirt and pet hairs from smallest spaces which is hidden in these areas.

Thanks to QNX operating system which has drastically improved the robot’s capability for better navigation to avoid objects altogether. You might not find the laser navigation system that perfect yet. It can “feel” rather than “see” the objects, it will bump onto overhanging obstacles which don’t come under line-of-sight of it’s laser sensor.

Key Features

  • Extra-large and bagless dirt bin
  • Patented LaserSmart technologies
  • Advanced SpinFlow Power Clean system
  • Auto charge and resume

Features an extra large dirt bin which is bagless making the emptying task much easier, Advanced SpinFlow power clean system which is designed to pick up more than other machines do including pet hairs and cookie crumbs. Similarly, the Patented LaserSmart technology map rooms and methodically plan where to clean the room.

In the upgraded version of BotVac 80, you can see a more powerful motor along with an upgraded motorized brush that is smart at picking up pet hairs on both hardwood floor and carpet. You won’t see much difference in D80 and D85 machines as they feature similar accessories.

D80 is better at cleaning pet hairs offering better performance compared to those expensive robot cleaners like Roomba 980, Roomba 880 and Samsung VR9000.

It generally lacks remote control and you have to manually schedule the robot and will become stuck in cords and on the fringes of any rug that are on your floor.

Gives outstanding performance for cleaning pet hairs, hardwood floors and carpets with side brush while lacks WiFi connectivity. So it does lack few premium features but saves you few hundred dollars while dealing with your primary concerns.
  • The inclusion of Side brushes
  • Powerful motor
  • Large and easy to clean dustbin
  • Affordable price tag
  • Lacks WiFi controlling

 2.  Roomba 880 – For Cat Hairs

Roomba 880

You might see bristled or squeegee brush for agitation in various other robot cleaners, iRobot a famous vacuum brand designed a brand new system called AeroForce extractors thanks to its engineers, this system has completely eliminated the need for bristles all-together.

Having no bristles makes removing pet hairs easy as before they were getting caught up in the bristles. Longer hairs still needed to be clean up. Though you have to spend less time on cleaning dog hairs it’s not maintenance free as the long hairs will be wrapped around the extractors.

Roomba 880 gives superior cleaning system and remove almost twice as much dust, dirt, hair, and other debris from all different flooring types.

Key Features

  • Airflow accelerator
  • Tangle-free extractors
  • High-efficiency filter

A new cool feature is Airflow accelerator that has a sealed chamber in order to provide concentrated airflow to achieve maximum cleaning results.

Tangle-free extractors which make sure every little crumb is removed from the floor and a high-efficiency filter which is responsible to pick all smallest particles from the air.

If you have low and mid-pile carpet then cleaning pet hairs with the Roomba 880 won’t do the job instead XV signature pro will be the recommended choice with similar budget and functions.

Compared to Roomba 780 this is a much better option if you are looking to clean pet hairs. The usage of random pattern takes longer to clean a room and can result in bumping furniture and minor scrapes on the objects.

In this series, there are different kind of new products by iRobot including Roomba 960 and 980 which are equipped with the latest navigation system but they are of higher cost.

You will also receive a remote control which uses infrared signal and can work while not used in the direction of the robot.

Few downsides along the positives are that the vacuum will not stop cleaning when the dustbin is full and continue to try and vacuum which can potentially damage the device. Other than that the vacuum tends to be a bit loud.

Regardless of being an older vacuum cleaner, it still stays top in the list of best robot vacuums for cleaning pet hairs. Comes with extractors resulting in fastest cleaning and works on a random cleaning pattern.
  • The inclusion of Side brushes
  • Powerful motor
  • Large and easy to clean dustbin
  • Affordable price tag
  • Lacks WiFi controlling

 3.  Roomba 980 – WiFi Enabled

roomba 980

Roomba 980 is our favorite robot vacuum as it offers WiFi connectivity and offers an outstanding job to pick up dirt and pet hairs.

Unlike the most robot vacuums, the Roomba 980 is heavy and strong enough to clean dust and pet hairs on carpets and rugs.

You can control this machine using your smartphone, just download an app and control the vacuum as long you have the internet access and a router at home.

This great feature let the users turn on Roomba while they are busy outside.

Roomba 980 doesn’t use random cleaning pattern but instead uses infrared and object sensors making the maps clearest and never gets stuck.

More on navigational aspect is that Roomba 980 contains a camera in the navigation system and really pick up dirt and pet hairs using predictable back and forth grid pattern which is way more efficient than random cleaning pattern.

Key Features

  • AeroForce cleaning system
  • Carpet boost technology
  • Direct Detect System
  • Virtual Wall System
  • Predictable back and forth grid pattern

With the help of extractors like 880, it does an efficient job of cleaning pet hairs from the carpet.

Roomba 980 zeroes in on particularly dirty patches with iRobot’s uncannily accurate Dirt Detect System. Similarly, the virtual wall system is the most convenient and least obtrusive.

Vacuuming pet hairs from thick shag carpet is not a problem and it can clean multiple rooms in one cycle because its the most powerful Roomba on the market with plenty of modern features.

With latest Carpet boot technology it can vacuum thicker carpet or areas that are extra dirty and then automatically recharge when sensing low battery and after that start where it left off and finish the cleaning. So far Roomba 980 is the best way to handle frequent cleaning throughout your home.

Not only furry creatures mess but litter crystals, stray hairs and food crumbs are it’s target while cleaning.

Roomba 980 is the top-notch automatic machine with WiFi capability, wonderful performance and more advanced features but at the same time costs higher than the cheaper 960 and few others with few similar features.
  • Rubber carpet agitator
  • Dirt Detect system
  • Top-end vacuum
  • Loud
  • Expensive
  • Might get stuck under furniture

 4.  ROOMBA 690 / 650 / 655: MOST PROVEN

roomba 690

The latest Roomba 690 and its predecessor Roomba 650 both are the best-selling robot vacuums. We like 690 as this robot vacuum cleaner for pets does a superb job of picking up pet hairs and removing allergens from the air.

ROOMBA 690 / 650 is capable of cleaning one room at a time, unlike the many other recent cleaners, it doesn’t have those top features as it’s value-conscious reliable appliance to boot.

Key Features

  • Multi-stage cleaning system
  • Automatic scheduling
  • iAdapt navigation system

They both agitate the floor first using multi-stage cleaning system and then suction it clean. For convenience, you can schedule automatic cleanings or just press the button to start the cleaning process. For scheduling, it requires WiFi connectivity using smartphone app integration. This feature allows you to activate the unit while you are outside.

They navigate quickly in the single room using the iAdapt navigation system which includes a visual camera which identifies and avoid stairs and other drop-offs.

There are few downsides which include you have to clean the brushes and dustbins frequently, corners of the room might stay un-cleaned, cannot pick larger pieces of debris and struggles with high-pile shag carpets. After having thsi vacuum you will feel like pet hairs gone forever.

Despite these downsides, Roomba 650/690 is a great choice for the money with several amazing features and it’s proven to be a highly reliable floor maid.
  • Multi-stage cleaning system
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Affordable midpriced robot vacuum
  • Invisible wall barrier system
  • Includes earlier iteration called AeroVac
  • Struggles with high-pile shag carpets



In our list of robot vacuums for the pets, Neato XV-21 is the top of the line robotic vacuum cleaner available in the market for allergies and pet hairs.

Pet owners and those who suffer from allergies won’t regret their investment on this little vacuum with powerful cleaning system which is capable to pick up even the tiniest particles from rugs and hard surfaces.

Either you have hardwood flooring, carpets, tiles, stone surface, rugs or laminate this vacuum offers high performance and after the cleaning sessions, it returns back to the charging base to be prepared for next turns.

With the help of scheduling feature of this smart vacuum for pet hair, you can schedule cleanings for specific time intervals.

The major downside to this vacuum is short battery life and will run out before the entire room is cleaned properly. It lacks remote control and misses cleaning edges of walls and crevices.

Overall it’s an ideal choice for allergy sufferers and pet owners to erase pet hairs and comes with a large HEPA filter and a larger dust bin. This automatic cleaner works perfectly on all types of flooring. Reasonable price with top feature makes it the good choice for dog owners.

 6.  Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy

Neato XV Signature

NEATO XV SIGNATURE is another quality vacuum which offers extremely strong suction and with the help of roller brushes, it removes pet hairs efficiently while moving along the floor.

The efficiency it achieves on picking up pet hairs is due to the precision brushes which are designed specifically for this task to work on all types of flooring including, stone, tiles, carpets, hardwood and laminates.

It comes in D shape by the manufacturer and can get where most popular robot vacuums cannot go like cleaning under the furniture, beds and couches and getting the dust from smallest corners.

Another amazing feature of this low-priced device is automatic schedules, you can set them for daily cleaning as well as operate it with the push of a button.

Along these advantages and features, it comes with few snags like a small dustbin, no automatic resume cleaning after charging and produce noise while running.

Overall, XV signature is best robotic vacuums getting rid of stuck pet fur which they shed and can be owned in a cheap price.
  • Performance matches to higher end vacuums
  • Can penetrate on small places
  • Noisy
  • Small dustbin

 7.  Bob Sweep Cleaner and Mop

bobsweep for pet hair

In much lower cost you can get Bob Sweep Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner which handles pet hair and allergens very well.

The multitasking feature of this vacuum is amazing allowing bobsweep to sweep, mop and vacuum your floors.

During the process of cleaning it can sterilize your floor, as well as keeps allergens, swept with HEPA filtration system.

It’s dirt sensors are highly sensitive and keeps the robot focused on the dirtier parts of your floor.

Few snags due to being a lower budget option for pet owners include stuck on obstacles and on loose cords.

Another common issue reported is it struggle with darker colored floors and rugs as well as with lower to ground furniture.

Overall bobsweep is a budget cleaner with a number of great features and the excellent choice for those looking for an affordable vacuum cleaner.
  • Best for pet hairs
  • Highly sensitive sensors
  • Struggles with darker objects


roomba 770

Another great choice for those who suffer from allergies. Roomba 770 brings extra features with more cleaning power.

Though it’s pricer than 650 but worth for every buck you spend.

Offers superior cleaning with great suction power and 3-stage cleaning system.

The HEPA filter makes sure the tiniest particles are trapped inside the chamber rather than going into the air.

The excellent iAdapt navigation system expertly drives this vacuum efficiently in your house.

The inclusion of dirt detection technology allows this vacuum to identify spots of the dirtier floor and spending more cleaning time.

A snag to this vacuum is that it has to struggle for darker coloured carpets which is made possible due to visual cliff-detection technology for cleaning stairs as well.

Another major drawback is the random cleaning pattern which makes the cleaning process longer.

Overall, this vacuum is equipped with some serious tech as well as throw some great drawbacks making the decision of shopping this robot vacuum difficult.
  • Strong suction
  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • Random cleaning pattern
  • Struggles for darker objects

 9.  Xiaomi Vacuum

Xiaomi Robot vacuum

So far Xiaomi offers cheapest robot vacuums in list of robotic vacuums with similar features to Neato while half of the price to them.

The features it comes with includes the laser-guided sensor on top, combination brush roll, SLAM algorithm and a smartphone app to remotely control the vacuum from your workplace.

Upgrading to firmware will increase the cleaning performance.

A major snag in this robot machine is the small bin which has a capacity of 0.45 litres and if you are an owner of a lot of pets you might need a maintenance cleaning tool for dealing with large piles of hairs.

The combination brush will pick pet hairs from carpet and bare floor and with the powerful suction, you will get outstanding cleaning sessions.

Overall this robot is much affordable compared with those expensive and costly models as well as offers similar features to them, proving itself one of the best budget robot vacuum for pets.

 10.  Samsung VR9000

Samsung VR9000

Samsung is not old in making robotic cleaners but they have succeeded to make easy to navigate cool-looking bots with wonderful design and one of them is Samsung VR9000

Comes with really amazing and unique features which are not present in any updated vacuum.

It contains a gold cylinder on the top in which the vacuum motor exists but from bit height, it looks like a most famous Duracell battery.

You will be able to see the cyclonic filtration system clearly on the dirt bin which you might not found commonly in other vacuums.

The one which offers alike feature is the Dyson 360 eye with a pretty hefty price tag.

With the pointer navigation, it becomes lot easier for the vacuum to run around in a world full of chair legs and walking people, and a normal cleaning cycle pulls fine grit and dog hair out of the low-pile carpet

Compared with Roomba or Neato it surpass them by its performance, controlled tests and number of positive reviews by the consumers.

For manual cleaning, you can use the laser pointer to move the robot where to clean next which you might find easier than pressing the arrows on the remote.

With the help of a camera, the navigation is very smooth with bumper sensors which avoid obstacles and the better back and forth pattern makes it more robust.

Though it offers unique features but isn’t smarter than Neato Botvac or Xiaomi as the major reason is it’ll clean an area until the battery is low.

Comes with 1-year warranty of machine and 10 years of the motor but the price is double than of Roomba 880 with an increase of few hundred dollars.

This vacuum catch dirt and hair and inhale them so they couldn’t uncaught. Also, funnels all large debris to the centre of the vacuum head to suck it right up. It captures an intense amount of pet hair if your canine companion, huskies, Persian, are super heavy shedders. So get this vacuum if you want every last speck of hair cleaned up.

So snatch up the fur and dander and grab everything lying on your floor without cutting hairs in the way.

Overall, it gives efficient cleaning performance but price tag is expensive.

Why should you buy robot vacuum?

Following research shows the significant increase in robot vacuums trends over the regular vacuums.

vacuum cleaner trends

The primary reasons we recommend buying robot vacuums for pet hairs are that they are

  • Smart enough to clean any time
  • Intelligent enough to charge themselves
  • No wires mess around the home
  • Less noisy than traditional vacuums
  • No dragging involved

In this post, you can quickly choose the best robotic vacuums for animal hairs depending on your budget and requirements.

Just a quick overview:

Our favorite best affordable robot vacuum for pet hairs is Samsung Powershot R7070 which costs under $600 and brings HEPA filter for taking care of allergens, outstanding cleaning, works perfectly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Best Robot Vacuums For Pet Hair

Another choice for budget consumers is Eufy RoboVac 11 which costs under $300 offering HEPA filter, though the low cost has compromised on some advanced features like smart-home connectivity but still its the most effective vacuum compared with other budget models, at the same cost you can also try the second-generation Robovac 11+ with an upgraded design and cleaning system included.

Buying Guide

What is a Pet Robot Vacuum?

Pet Robot Vacuum is an automated machine which cleans pet hairs and paw prints off the floor by themselves. They are programmed to do versatile cleaning with a single push of a button or a Wireless remote throughout your entire home. These intelligent robovac machines can contain features like voice-activated control, bagless dirt bin, anti-collision system and strong motors to give high-quality cleaning.

How It Works

With the help of modern mapping capabilities and advancement of technology these machines can remember the layout of your home to clean the house multiple times without commands. They can dispose the stuff after cleaning and can charge themselves on their charging stations without interference of any human.

The major aspect of being smart robots is the navigtion system. To learn about the surroundings these machines use sensors to collect information and then they process this information with their microprocessors, then after analyzing the data they make decision of what to do in the environment. The microprocessor is a tiny electronic brain responsible for all the actions of vacuum.

For movement they make use of motors and attached are the brushes which are master at collecting dust. After you activate the vacuum the very first thing it does is scan the room to take an estimate of space it will move in. This can differ in multiple machine but the common procedure is sending out infrared signals and calculating the data from when it bounces back is how they work.

Avoiding the Drops

With the help of cliff sensors robots can avoid drops. To know the surface underneath them they keep sending series of signals which in return lets them known by returning immediately and if takes the delay then vacuum understands to change the direction.

Wall and Object sensors

Some robots have to face objects blocking their way few can change direction after hitting and few already detect objects before hitting them.

Wall sensors allows the robos to identify a solid object like wall and furniture and can clean without getting hit.

These sensors totally depends on which model of pet robot vacuum you buy. So ideal recommendation is to get a thinnest robot vacuum to deal with fluffy dog or cat and kid’s mess.


Buying a robot pet vac is not enough for dealing with your cleaning woes. Before purchasing pet-friendly vacuum makes sure how much work needs to be put into them. Regardless of time saving aspect they still need some of your time if you want excellent value for the money.

Few of these task can include emptying the bins, changing the filters. For different models these requirements can be different. In few entry-level vacuum cleaners you might have to replace few parts in them. Filter cleaning is especially important for pets and small children.

How to Choose a Robot Vacuum For Carpet

The primary demand in a vacuum to clean the carpet is the brush roll because the presence of a bristled brush will make the pet hair cleaner more competent to pick up pet hairs and dust bunnies scattered around.

According to our research, the most effective and efficient is Neato’s brush roll that comes with bristles and squeegee. The bristle deals with pet hairs and the squeegee sweeps up larger bits of debris, for example, pet litter.

Moreover, the Roomba 80 and 900 series make use of counter-rotating extractors which efficiently pull up hairs from bare floor and carpet.

Don’t compare these cleaners with full-sized vacuums because these machines cannot deep clean because the primary objective is time-saving by doing the everyday cleaning for you.

That said, you should have deep pockets as there will be roughly any decent robot vacuum under 300 which can give an outstanding performance.

How to get maximum out of Robot Vacuum

Regardless of the aspect that they are expensive so they are intelligent enough to do the cleaning all by themselves, you will have to help these robot cleaners in few situations like obstacle avoidance as they are not that smart as humans.

Operating a robo vac in a room full of wires, scattered toys and junk all over won’t let the vacuum do the job it’s built for.

Given below are some helpful tips to maximize the working of a robot vacuum.

  1. Remove or tidy up wires

A robot vacuum with side brush won’t work in wires here and there, wires lying on the floor will come into the robot’s tracks causing to stop the robots.

Tidy the wires up before running any robot vacuum for fast and great cleaning.

  1. Clean area rugs separately

If your area rugs are lying around better you clean them separately as area rugs have tassels on the sides from which the robots are allergic and can wrap up around the brush roll or side brush.

But if area rug doesn’t have tassels or they are heavy then you can avoid removing area rugs for cleaning.

  1. Take off the chairs

Having more objects in the robots ways can reduce efficiency though they can go around chairs or other objects but removing the chairs will prevent the robot traps itself around the chair legs. Hence, removing them is the best solution to get a cleaner floor resulting in a more efficient robot.

But, when you have best robot vacuums for pet hair, you get rid of dragging like the traditional vacuums
and get rid of pet hairs without even touching the vacuum as robot vacuums are intelligent enough to clean pet hairs, dirt and debris as well as charge themselves when short on battery.

Well, choosing the best pet robot vacuum is confusing as there are a large number of expensive and inexpensive models available in the market.

That said, we have crafted this list of top robot vacuums for pet hairs to help you buy the best for the money.

Robot vacuums can do vacuuming all day continuosuly and few come with HEPA filtration to stop allergens from getting into the air causing sneezing while you breathe.

We have included budget cleaners to high-end automation vacuums to help you make an informed decision while shopping for a robot vacuum.

Botvacs are based on artificial intelligence allowing the vac to clean automatically without dragging or lifting.

Final Thoughts About Vacuums

Generally, Neato BotVac D80 is much cheaper option but it lacks WiFi feature. But does no compromise on cleaning performance.

Counter extractors of Roomba 880 are better at pulling pet hairs off bare floor and carpet. Got no bristles resulting in less maintenance but a bit pricier option.

Consumers with deep pockets can go with Roomba 980 as it has all those top-notch features like Strong motor, WiFi connectivity, lithium ion battery which can run as long as for two hours.

For cheaper solution options are Xiaomi and Neato BotVac as both have powerful motors, nice app and all other important features.

Samsung is the most famous brand but robot vacuums are not as perfect as their other products as their robots are bit tall than others and totally differnt in shapes.

Generally, the biggest advantange of these autonomous cleaners is that they prevent pet hairs from piling up and can go under furniture and sofas where the regular traditional vacuum cleaner cannot go.

Remember that you should combine these robots with a good pet inhaling hand vacuum or upright vacuum.

In the final words we would say top selling brand of robotic vacuums is Neato Robotics which offers great innovative vacuums in the industry and have records of no clog or particles trapped getting out.

While Roomba also have some well-known names of vacuums as they use uses recyclable materials reusable, cleanable dustbins instead of disposable bags.

So if you are looking for the best robot vacuum for dog hair decide your choice by your budget and needs.

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